Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: For my ceremony can we have a mix of live and recorded music?

A: Absolutely! Paul can play live guitar while your guests arrive then have your chosen songs cued up for your arrival & register signing etc.

Q: Our ceremony is in a remote location with no power can you still provide music?

A: Yes - Paul can supply a battery powered sound system that is completely portable - and sounds great! So if your ceremony is on the beach or the top of a mountain Paul has it covered.

Q: I have chosen a song but I want it to start at a particular point?

A: No problem - without going into boring details of Paul's music software rest assured he can pre-cue any song to start at any chosen point for you.

Q: Is dance floor lighting included in the price?

A: Yes - every booking with Wedding Music Queensland has Paul's basic dance floor lighting package included CLICK HERE for details.

Q: Do you provide a microphone for speeches etc?

A: Absolutely - every booking with WMQ includes a wireless microphone at no extra cost. NO musician should charge you extra for a microphone - it should be a standard inclusion.

Q: Do we meet Paul prior to our wedding?

A: Yes of course - Paul will meet with you to discuss all the finer details and song choices several weeks before your wedding. He is available anytime via email and mobile phone also should you need to talk music - unless he is singing at a wedding of course :)

Q: We want to play a part in song choices for the evening - can we get a list of songs?

A: Yes - Once a booking is made Paul can supply you with a complete list of all the songs he plays.

Q: Can our guests request songs?

A: Absolutely - Paul loves requests - if he knows it...he'll play it.

Q: What style of MC is Paul - we don't want someone telling silly jokes all night?

A: Paul is not a comedian. He has over 25 years experience in stage performing. When it comes to MC duties Paul is organized and professional and will work with your function coordinator on the night to ensure everything happens when it should. He will not stand up in front of your friends and family and tell pointless jokes for the sake of it.

Q: Do we pay for your set up time?

A: No - If you were to book the Reception & Drinks Package for example from 4pm - 12 midnight you only pay for that 8 hour period. Paul would arrive at the venue at 2pm to set up and sound check before any guests arrive - you do not pay for him to set up his gear.

Q: Do you carry spare equipment with you?

A: Yes - Paul uses a brand new sound system and has a complete spare of that system in his van in case of emergencies.

Q: Are you insured?

A: Yes Paul has a $20,000,000 Public Liability Entertainers Insurance policy.

Q: Are you licensed?

A: The PPCA no longer requires musicians and DJ's to be licensed. Music performance royalties are covered by the venue via APRA as of 2019.

Q: Our wedding is in our backyard would this be a problem?

A: Unfortunately for various reasons such as safety and volume restrictions Paul does not accept bookings in private residences.

Q: Our venue only allows musicians to use their in-house sound system - is this a problem?

A: Unfortunately Paul will not use in-house systems. Part of Paul's service is to provide all the sound equipment. He also has a spare system in his car for emergencies. If Paul was to plug into an unfamiliar system there is too much room for error and he cannot guarantee the same level of sound quality as he can using his own gear.

Q: Do you require a deposit to secure a booking?

A: Yes - a NON REFUNDABLE $150 deposit secures Paul for your wedding.

Q: Why is the deposit non refundable?

A: Unfortunately not everyone has the best interests of the musician in mind when planning a wedding.

Some people "tentatively" book several musicians to avoid missing out...once Paul accepts your booking he says no to any enquiries for that date - this means if you change your mind and cancel him - he will miss out on a booking for that date and he (just like you) needs to make a living.

Q: Our reception venue has strict noise restrictions can you accommodate this?

A: Paul can provide music within any set volume (db) level that a venue requires however it is important to think very carefully about choosing a venue that suits your vision for your reception entertainment. For example if your venue has a 65db volume restriction in place the music can basically be no louder than the conversation level of your guests. If you really want music that will get your guests up and dancing this will not work at all. Dancing music has to be loud enough for people to feel it in order for them to want to get up and dance. If the music is no louder than a conversation nobody will want to dance and you may end up with a Brides worst nightmare - the empty dance floor.

- Make sure you ask your venue if they have any volume restrictions in place otherwise the pumping dance floor you envisioned could end up being like a quiet Sunday session.

Q: Our venue tells us your equipment must be tagged & tested by an electrician?

A: Paul has all his gear tagged & tested by a qualified tag & test electrician every 12 months (Aus law) so you can rest assured his equipment is safe and legal.

Please be aware the following information has been compiled and written by Paul from WMQ based on his 25 years of wedding experience. There is a DJ on the Bayside of Brisbane that has copied everything above and pasted onto his website - Paul is the writer of the above information so if you see it elsewhere it has been copied without permission