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Why I love weddings...

posted Jul 3, 2012, 11:04 PM by Paul Clairs   [ updated Jul 3, 2012, 11:05 PM ]

I often get asked why I play music only at weddings. The answer is simple…because I love it!

I love that feeling in the air at a ceremony just before the bride arrives and the groom looks really nervous. His mates try to joke with him and relax him but you can see in his eyes he just wants to see her…he wants to know what she looks like in her dress….and in the background there is music.

I love the pre reception drinks when 2 cousins that haven’t seen each other for 5 years rekindle an old friendship over a beer and realize they should get together more often because they make each other laugh…and in the background there is music.

I love the way the guests cheer as the bride & groom enter the reception room for the first time…and in the background there is music.

I love the speeches. When the best man gets up and tells a story about the groom that probably shouldn’t be told and the whole room erupts in laughter…he isn’t a comedian normally yet he just made 80 people laugh…and in the background there is joy.

I love the first dance when the couple become one…who cares if they can dance or not…they are the only people in the room for 3 minutes. From my DJ desk I sometimes see little moments and whispers that are not for the photographer, or the guests and I look away because it’s not for me to see either…and in the background there is music.

I love a full dance floor when a 4 year old boy is dancing with his great-grandmother to “I’m sexy and I Know It”…and the bridal party is in hysterics because one of the groomsmen is doing an awful moonwalk to “Billie Jean”…and in the background there is music.


…and this beautiful, extraordinary, perfect day has a soundtrack because of me!


That’s why I love weddings…what will your soundtrack be like?


Paul Clairs

Wedding Music Queensland