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Venue Volume Restrictions

posted May 30, 2013, 8:34 PM by Paul Clairs   [ updated May 30, 2013, 8:45 PM ]

Excerpts from the below post can also be found on my FAQ page;

Certain venues have volume or decibel (db) restrictions in place. Usually these restrictions are in place for a very good reason - most likely a nasty neighbor that complains every Saturday night about people having too much fun :)

To help you understand these restrictions here is some info from the Qld Gov website:
  • person talking normally at 1m—60 to 65 decibels
  • piped restaurant music—65 to 75 decibels
  • video disk background music—80 to 95 decibels
  • soloists/duos—85 to 105 decibels
  • other small bands—95 to 110 decibels
  • small rock band—105 to 120 decibels.

I can provide music within any set volume (db) level that a venue requires however it is important to think very carefully
about choosing a venue that suits your vision for your reception entertainment.

For example if your venue has a 70-75db volume restriction in place the music can basically be no louder than the conversation level of your guests. If you really want DJ music that will get your guests up and dancing this will not work at all. Dancing music has to be loud enough for people to feel it in
order for them to want to get up and dance. If the music is no louder than a conversation nobody will want to dance and you may end up with a DJ and Brides worst nightmare - the empty dance floor.

There are some Brisbane venues with such restrictions in place who do not tell brides about it. The first you hear about it is when you tell the DJ to crank it up and they say "I'm sorry I can't due to db restrictions".
Make sure you ask the venue if they have any volume restrictions in place otherwise the pumping dance floor you envisioned
could end up being like a quite Sunday session.

Check out this link to the Qld Gov website for more info;

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