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So many DJ' do we choose one?

posted Jun 19, 2013, 9:02 PM by Paul Clairs   [ updated Jun 19, 2013, 9:06 PM ]
Yes there are thousands of us how do you pick one for your wedding?

I wish there was a simple answer but I find it comes down to your gut feeling when you meet them. You know when you like someone and get a good vibe from them so choose your DJ/musician the same way.

We all have testimonials and fancy websites designed to make you choose us as the only one who can possibly do the job correctly but
really it comes down you deciding - do I like this person? Do I want them at my wedding?

I always stress the importance of meeting your DJ before your wedding so you feel comfortable with them and you will know if they are the right supplier for you. A pro will have all the technical stuff on their website so you can see they have the right gear and won't turn up with a home stereo and a few CD's...that is not what you have to decide on. What you have to decide is on if you think this person will fit in at your wedding and be professional to work with - after all you are hiring them to do a job so make sure you hire a supplier that you like.

Most of my couples hire me because I am a musician and a DJ so it ticks those 2 boxes - do we get a band or a DJ?...with me you get both. I always try to meet with potential couples before a booking is made so I can tell them what I can offer and they can decide if I am what they are after - it also makes it more personal on the day if I actually know what my couple looks's easy to spot the bride - she is the gorgeous one in the white dress but who's the groom...there's 5 guys in suits walking towards me...boy I wish I had met them before now :)

Happy Planning

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