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Reception Venue Set Up

posted May 18, 2013, 6:36 PM by Paul Clairs   [ updated May 18, 2013, 6:46 PM ]
Over the past couple of months I have been faced with a situation that most couples do not even know about. I have turned up at a venue to set up my DJ gear only to find the room is full of people - on 3 different occaisons the venues have hired out the reception room on the day of a wedding. Now if this was a breakfast function it would not be a problem as they would have all day to set up the room or "turn around" as it's called but 3 of these venues hired the room until 4pm when the wedding guests were due at 6. Obviously a venue has to make a profit and hiring out the room on the day isn't an issue - as long as the bride and groom have been informed and are OK with it but none of my couples were made aware. One mother of the bride turned up to set up the cake and was told you can't get in until 4. Make sure you ask the venue if they are hiring out your room on the day of your wedding so your suppliers can plan ahead - you don't want the situation I saw recently where guests were entering the room as staff were still placing knives and forks, the decorator was still putting chair covers on and I was saying "testing 1,2,3,4" into my microphone.

If I am doing my All Day Deal for a couple (ceremony music, live music for drinks & DJ for reception) I need to set up my DJ gear at 12 so I can get to the ceremony at 2 to set up my 2nd sound system for a 3pm start. A full reception room throws a massive spanner into the works and can mean part of the entertainment gets shortened.

If you have hired a 5 piece band for your reception they simply cannot load their gear in and set up in 2 hours - it's impossible. If you have ever heard a drummer doing a sound check you would know you don't want your guests subjected to that.

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