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Reception Seating Planning...

posted Oct 8, 2015, 10:36 PM by Paul Clairs   [ updated Oct 8, 2015, 10:43 PM ]
In a previous post I detailed how important the setting plan is to the success of the dance floor. Following from a recent experience I felt compelled to mention this again...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...don't sit elderly guests right next to the DJ.

At a recent Brisbane wedding an entire table of elderly parents & grandparents were seated right in front of me. I play an acoustic set for dinner - just live guitar and vocals at very low volume so your guests can  eat and talk - still I was too loud for this table. They asked me to turn it down which I did immediately, then they asked again and yet again - I had my left speaker volume set on had to stand directly  in front of it to hear it at all. This was a large room with 70 or 80 guests all talking...with the volume set as I had it nobody on the far end of the room could hear a note.

I knew I had a problem when one of the guests approached me at 4pm while I was setting up and said "I hope you're not going to be too loud"...not a good way to kick off a party! He also made comment about how he did not like  flashing lights.

There was a table of younger guests that later proved to be the "party table" who were seated all the way across the room from me. That is the table you want next to the dance floor...they were the ones dancing and making requests later on!

I do not believe in ear-splitting volume because it's not necessary however to get a crowd up and dancing there does need to be a decent volume on the floor otherwise you might as well plug in an iPod and save yourself some money.

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