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Reception Seating Plan

posted Sep 21, 2014, 4:33 PM by Paul Clairs
Today I thought I would talk a little about your reception seating plan...what has this got to do  with music? is critical to the musical flow of your evening that some thought is given to who sits where...the single biggest mistake people make when doing a seating plan is sitting the older guests such a Nana & Pop next to the DJ. 

You know which table is going to be the party table - put those guys next to the dance floor and let Nana  enjoy her night without putting cotton wool in her ears! 

Warning: Science Content - As we grow older it is common to lose the higher end of our hearing frequencies. Turn down the treble on your iPod and you will get the idea - because of this loud music will get muddled with background noise and speech making it very frustrating to concentrate on a conversation if there is a loud music in your ears. People often think "Nana won't care she's half deaf anyway" - exactly that is why it matters even more to sit here away from the floor.

Give some thought to which guests are more likely to be up dancing later on and get them close to the floor. In the most common reception set up where to dance floor is at one end of the room I can set up so there is good volume on the floor but the guests at the far end of the room can talk without going deaf - the end result is your guests leave with a satisfying musical experience from the dance floor fillers to the folks who want to enjoy their night catching up with old family and friends.

Happy Planning
Paul Clairs - Wedding Music Queensland