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Outdoor / Beach Ceremonies

posted Jul 22, 2011, 4:39 AM by Paul Clairs   [ updated Jul 22, 2011, 5:29 AM ]
Planning an outdoor ceremony?
Here is  a couple of things to consider when planning the music at an outdoor/beach wedding.
  • Having Live Music or  DJ? - Is there available power?
    • Can your DJ/Musician connect their PA system/amplifiers to an available power source?
    • Generators can be very noisy no matter how far away they are positioned. This can create unwanted background noise that can be distracting to your guests and make it hard to hear the vows being taken - there is nothing more frustrating than the hum of a diesel engine while you are saying I do.
    • Consider battery powered sound system options for a remote location ceremony such as the beach.
  • Is your Celebrant comfortable looking after the music?
    • Your Celebrant is a professional but is she/he comfortable managing a music playlist  when they have the most important task of the day to look after?
    • Often Celebrants do not have the opportunity to hit play on an iPod when they are concentrating on delivering your vows.
    • Consider having your music provider look after the music at your ceremony.
  • Live music or favorite track?
    • Live music is great at an outdoor ceremony - guitar/vocals or Ukulele at the beach both add so much to the occaision - what about a few acoustic ballads or instrumental guitar music while your guests are arriving ?
    • If recorded music is your preference, let your music provider manage your song selection seamlessly for you - if done correctly it should be as if they aren't even there. Your chosen tunes should just play like magic exactly when you want them to. (Note: Make sure your music provider holds a P.P.C.A license to play copyright protected music in public).
Wedding Music Queensland can provide several different options for sound reinforcement at outdoor ceremonies. From 800 watts of powered sound (for a larger crowd) to a small battery powered system with iPod connectivity and microphone included.
Contact Paul and let him manage the music at your ceremony exactly how you want it.
Our all day package gives you ceremony music, pre dinner drinks live entertainment and DJ dance music all night for one fixed price!